LUCY IN THE FRENCH CAFE: Law of Attraction in Action

image courtesy of Honeymoon Bakery in Rome, GA

image courtesy of Honeymoon Bakery in Rome, GA

Morning tea and quiche. Quiet writing planned. Lucy then caught my attention.

Brown, fluffy ears on her head with a zip up the front. Big eyes. Excited to capture the case full of buttery, sweet treats. 

Her mom says, “Do you know what you want?” 

“Yea,” bright, sleepy exclamation peeps from Lucy’s lips.

Three years old and excited about what is coming her way. The yummy adventure in the French café. Tongue anticipating the goodness: hot chocolate and a pastry. Her voice fills with happiness describing how yummy her muffin really is!

To each person passing by her table, “Hi!” Lucy says. Engaging with a wondrous smile.

With each bite, “Mmmm.” Satisfaction looms and makes me want one too—what is she having that is so very very good?

Each interesting thing to come and go from the café doors catches her sunny attention—especially the dramatic, black hat and feather worn by the wool, tweed coat on the feminine frame.

“Oooh,” says Lucy. Eyes glued to the beauty. 

 “You like that?” replies the glamorous, red-haired woman. 

 “Yea.” says three-year-old Lucy. 

 “Well maybe your momma can get you one.”

 “YEA!” says Lucy.

Every grown person to walk through those doors, mind focused on pastry and coffee, stops to admire and play with Lucy. Drawn to slow their goal, smile, and say “Hi!” Caught in her positivity, they simply must engage with the bright light in the little body.

Lucy is contagious. A magnet. Absolute openness to Life’s adventure. Pure enthusiasm embodied in these moments of joy and curiosity and pure possibility. And every part of Life is responding “Yea!” to her infection. It can’t help it.

Lucy is the Law of Attraction.

Piper Lauri Salogga