Certified Master NLP Practitioner; NLP Pacific, Lindagail Campbell and Associates

Certified, Licensed and Registered Hypnotherapist; Mary Lee LaBay, PhD

Certified Angelic Reiki Practitioner; Red Butterfly, April Martin

Twenty-Year Practitioner, Forms Theory; Dragoumier Institute, School of Feng Shui


Amba Gale; Gale Leadership Development; Coaching

Ashera Serfaty; Luminosity Healing Arts; Peruvian Energy Medicine

Christine Wallace; Native Shamanic Practitioner; Healer and Coach

Imam Jamal Rachman; Interfaith Community Sanctuary; Spiritual Teacher

Rev. Judith Laxer; Celtic Shamanic Practitioner; Hypnotherapist

Rev. Kathianne Lewis; Center for Spiritual Living; Science of Mind Minister

Lindagail Campbell; NLP Pacific; Master Storytelling and Presentation

Ming Liu; Da Yun Circle; Chinese Cosmology, Taoist & Buddhist Monk

Peter Martynowych; Phase Five; Leadership Development, Psychologist, RC Practitioner

Rabbi Ted Falcon; Paths To Awakening; Psychologist, Spiritual Teacher and Coach

Rigdzin Tingkhye; This Limitless Life; Tibetan Buddhist Tantric Master