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Ten years of writing. An immersive adventure in healing, claiming, and honoring my human journey on this beautiful planet. Now comes Living From The Heart: Divine & Profane.

Snapshots in time and feeling, relatable poetry and prose, that endeavor to reveal a life’s journey through honest, heartfelt expression. Expression to bring inner and outer worlds together—worlds I believe we all share in our unique way.

I'm thrilled to share this book with you!


xo Piper

Piper Lauri Salogga

Waking this morning. The feeling of loving energy surrounds me. An indescribable depth of warmth penetrating. Nurturing bath of the unconditional.

Still swimming in dreamtime. The Presence: most natural, lush mothering hugging me. The image: hundreds of women spiraled around each other. Loving hearts full. Overflowing in collective joy. Wise women. Loving hearts pulsing forth. Shared freely with one and other. Lifted by their love.

And I happen to be in the Center of it All. In the Center of this love-spiral. Receiving.

As I continue to wake I have the sense that I should do something. Step into productive action.
Become worthy of this magnetic healing.

Most beautiful hand touches me. Soft, earthy, worn skin. Gently strokes my back.

“Stay right where you are,” she says. “Take Our Love In. This is all you need to do. Let us love on you. Move you. Transform you in love.”

Deep breath. Released so slowly. My eyes still closed. Tears weeping out. Following the feeling.
Long, lingering inhalation. Honor my body opening. Breath whispered out. My back expands.

“Yes. Thank you,” I say to her and the Universe.

I AM Receiving.

Writing now. This healing feeling still with me. Kind tears still trickling down my sweet cheeks. Acknowledgement and gratitude for all that love coming in. I AM Receiving. This energy of unconditional love felt everywhere. Everywhere around me—sweet sensation.

Piper Lauri Salogga
LUCY IN THE FRENCH CAFE: Law of Attraction in Action
image courtesy of Honeymoon Bakery in Rome, GA

image courtesy of Honeymoon Bakery in Rome, GA

Morning tea and quiche. Quiet writing planned. Lucy then caught my attention.

Brown, fluffy ears on her head with a zip up the front. Big eyes. Excited to capture the case full of buttery, sweet treats. 

Her mom says, “Do you know what you want?” 

“Yea,” bright, sleepy exclamation peeps from Lucy’s lips.

Three years old and excited about what is coming her way. The yummy adventure in the French café. Tongue anticipating the goodness: hot chocolate and a pastry. Her voice fills with happiness describing how yummy her muffin really is!

To each person passing by her table, “Hi!” Lucy says. Engaging with a wondrous smile.

With each bite, “Mmmm.” Satisfaction looms and makes me want one too—what is she having that is so very very good?

Each interesting thing to come and go from the café doors catches her sunny attention—especially the dramatic, black hat and feather worn by the wool, tweed coat on the feminine frame.

“Oooh,” says Lucy. Eyes glued to the beauty. 

 “You like that?” replies the glamorous, red-haired woman. 

 “Yea.” says three-year-old Lucy. 

 “Well maybe your momma can get you one.”

 “YEA!” says Lucy.

Every grown person to walk through those doors, mind focused on pastry and coffee, stops to admire and play with Lucy. Drawn to slow their goal, smile, and say “Hi!” Caught in her positivity, they simply must engage with the bright light in the little body.

Lucy is contagious. A magnet. Absolute openness to Life’s adventure. Pure enthusiasm embodied in these moments of joy and curiosity and pure possibility. And every part of Life is responding “Yea!” to her infection. It can’t help it.

Lucy is the Law of Attraction.

Piper Lauri Salogga

and the transition to Yin Earth Pig Year

This last month my friends and colleagues have heard me say on several occasions, “I feel like I’m being pushed through a sieve.”  Pushed to the point of feeling undone, turned to pulp, all my juices come out and grit on the floor—all to align myself anew, I know.

I do get the upside to this, this refresh of my core person.  And it’s so damn uncomfortable. And inconvenient—hard to be focused and productive when I feel like I’m being unraveled.

Feeling rebellious about it, this process of undoing, I don’t want to perform the socially appropriate “Cover-Up”, “I’m Okay” thing we all act out with one and other.  I want the freedom to be honest (graceful in my honesty versus falling apart all over you in a public place—oy. And honest nonetheless).

Life feels tough right now.

  • I have too many big questions unanswered. 

  • There is so much I want and need and I’m too often not trusting how it will come.

  • I feel vulnerable, raw, and unsure of how to be my full self in this world-at-large that I imagine wants to reject the heartfelt, intuitive, well-meaning me.

  • And what I sense I’ve come to this life for, my purpose, I’m not sure anyone really wants… Who wants permission to feel more?! Who wants this vulnerability of living from their heart—even if the rewards are so fantastic! Life so full and rich and graceful from this place—it’s so out on the ledge and we are so trained to hide and buck up and live from all this media-driven, put-on-persona pretense instead.

pig-1122183_1280 mailchimp.jpg

Yet, this is where 2019’s Yin Earth Pig is leading us:

Into the heart. Into sensuous, communal, joyful, gritty vulnerability. Honest and muddy. Turning muck and yuck into gold and pearls through the shared heart of it all. It is glorious—the gifts and rewards of collective alchemy through this feeling way.  And it is uncomfortable, at times confusing, unsettling, needy even, with moments, hours, of deep frustration and anger for all the ways we come up against ourselves and each other as we work to make beauty and well-being out of a f***ing multi-generational, closed-up, ego-power, disconnected, lack-consciousness mess.

We need this change!  I feel we do.  We need to take better care of ourselves and each other, and our mother earth.  We need more heart, more kindness, more honesty, more healing, more connectedness to accomplish this.  And the more we resist, try to stay in the habitual comfort, the stuck ways, the more backlash we will experience from the dis-ease that has planted itself deep in the old, outdated of our society and ourselves.

Pushed Through A Sieve.  Likely, I’m not the only one feeling this.

“What can I do?” my inner whine asks. “I want and need to do something!”

My intuition replies, “Practice Peace of I.” *

So I begin: May I soften, let go into the change that wants to become me. May I trust more, lean in more fully to the creative energy of love. May I get used to, even comfortable with this re-making I cannot seem to stop. May the Peace of I become me, and radiate from my heart out into the world.


* Peace of I, concept and prayer developed by Morrnah Simeona and popularized by Dr. Hew Len, Joe Vitale, and Zero-Wise.

Piper Lauri Salogga

How do we move the energy of upset, anger, frustration, helplessness out of our worrying minds—into something positive and productive?

After the end of the Kavanaugh hearings on Thursday afternoon (2:45 Seattle time) I was filled with anxiety, so much so my body went into total nausea and elimination. Honestly, I stay away from the television and general news as I find it mostly upsetting, so I was wondering why I felt this way. Maybe I had food poisoning? Maybe a sudden onset of flu? And then Michael told me about the hearings. How dismissive they had been. How so many were feeling re-victimized. How the Senate Judiciary Committee was going to vote the very next day even as there was still so much unknown. Then I understood why my body’s reaction. I am a #metoo.

From here I had to find out more. I needed to connect to better understand. As I read and watched the events of the day of course I got more amped up, more anxious, more angry, feeling more trapped. I was spinning in this mess I felt I could do nothing about.

What could I do? What could I do that I had control over? How could I create a difference, at least within myself? Ideally outside of me too.

STOMP NO started writing itself through me. I heard and felt every word as it was making itself to the page.

A fierce, loving call to harness the anger AND the heart together. To feel the fire of change within. An unwillingness to accept being a victim. Harnessing our mind’s focus on what we want—and being very clear about what we will no longer accept. A focus of our heart to move rapturously through our body in vehement claiming of our power as women to BE THE CHANGE. Feel it! And believe it! In every cell of our bodies. And a call to the benevolent men in our lives to STAND WITH US, honorably, in solidarity.

OM BENZA PEH! Calling Spirit down to join us in making things right, right now.
Stomping loving thunder down. Call it out strong: the clear NO, leading to the YES we are creating—together!

(Click here or on the image below to hear Stomp No spoken)


Click the image for audio track of STOMP NO.

Click the image for audio track of STOMP NO.

Now is the Time for the Almighty NO!

It has been time for too long.

TODAY I implore you to stomp your foot down and call it out loud—NO! 

No more abuse from the over-powered, small-hearted men. NO! to this backward, greedy, illegal administration.

Women so powerful, women of every culture, color, economy and religion, and the Divine Men who love and support them, Stomp your Spirit-Driven, honorable foot down. As hard as you can.  NO!

Yell it where ever you are—Make yourself known.

Stomp this NO! to shakes the trees. Move the earth beneath you. A mighty stomp and yell that calls all the gods of loving equality and respectful righteousness to Stop This Mess: 

“Om Benza Peh! Energy of Greatness that creates and loves all beings, COME make this right, right now!”

From the fire of your heart. The strength of your body. The largesse of your soul. STOMP and CALL it down. Now. NO! 

Move this sound and feeling out of your worrying heart. Out of your spinning mind. Speak YOUR Truth. NO!

Be the energy that stops this abuse now. Stomp and Yell and BE your full-hearted, full-bodied, stomping NO!

No more hatred. No more misogyny. No more raping, molesting, sexual harassing. No more blaming. No more belittling, mansplaining, discriminating. No more male weakness stopping their right action. No more excuses to disrespect. No more over-taking because they think they can.

Do not let them. Stomp them out. Vote them out. Use your voice. NOW! NO!

Piper Lauri Salogga

I AM the Speaker of The Heart.

Nature says to me.

Hearing her, unfolding her, through all her beauty felt.

Echoes in the emptiness to summon my love.

Listen to the message from bright-blue petaled brilliance, well-formed suppleness, sweet flowering bonnets speaking upon their large leafy reaches.

Touch me. I am yours now. Feel me. I have been waiting for your return, she says.

Humble, lingering gratitude rests—the minutes of my impassioned tenderness, finger tips gently pressed to her smooth and woody breath. Lips left parted.

Thank you. I did not know I had been so far from you, until now, I reply.

These most intimate of moments reveal our love: soft sheaths awaiting the imprint of my caring touch; honeyed tartness quenching the craving upon my tongue; summer’s breeze brushing the reveal of my skin; wet tears rolling down, letting it in.

The Letting In. To melt the hardened, love-forgotten, protective shell. To be touched within the Self… slowed felt experience.

The Heart: harmonious, compassionate call, shares delightedly, igniting the exuberant flame, reaching every atom of the beautiful Being it intimately knows as me.

Piper Lauri Salogga
Peering to the outside world from the sacred coffers of the Great Pyramid, Egypt.

Peering to the outside world from the sacred coffers of the Great Pyramid, Egypt.

No one really wants advice.
And I believe we DO want to find our own wisdom. We seek and learn to discover it. To help us find our way to feeling good, to being successful, to feeling loved.

And We All Want to Matter.
To matter, deep down. We all want to know WHAT we are living for. And Why should we stay to work through the challenges that seem to be increasing exponentially these days.
I believe many have felt sadness and loss this year when those we looked up to chose not to stay on this earth (Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain). It pushes against our own emotions and beliefs about hardship. Our own wondering about how to find happiness in this life, and how to get through the very tough, seemingly insurmountable moments. I have felt the shower of my own emotions. Giving attention to letting it come, express, and flow through, then on to what’s next.
I found myself appreciative for the momentum of emotional honesty witnessed on social media— #istruggletoo—conjures for me the image of beautiful butterflies flapping against their cocoons, soon to break free and fly, less cumbersome, less weighted than before.
How do we sit with this plethora of feeling that comes up from the trenches, and let ourselves say:
I just want life to be easier, better!
I want to feel good again.
I want to love and be loved.
I don’t want to feel alone anymore.
I want this craziness to stop!
I need to know I have enough and am safe.
I want others to be safe too.
I want to be heard.

I am tired of hurting.
I am afraid.
I believe this is where freedom begins. Telling the truth of how we feel. Declaring what we need and want… perhaps are deeply fearful we won’t get.
Being heard with compassion is important too—hearing this truth of our inner-selves and being heard by a trusted friend or companion (trust is key).  

NOTE: When we listen with compassion each of us can acknowledge this humanness we share, this flapping against the walls of our own cocoons. AND with compassion, we trust that each of us is finding our strength through the flapping and pushing and struggling... eventually relaxing and releasing to realize the solutions that are uniquely best for us. There is honor of the wisdom we each hold. We are not fixing. We are not helping (because we are not helpless). We are being of support by lovingly trusting each other to find the best way forward.
WE ARE ALL WISE. We have wisdom within us.
Our feelings are trying to tell us something important. They come from your heart. Listen to them. Ask them what they want you to know. What they want for themselves in this life. Their hopes and dreams. Listen to the gold they are sharing.
Your wisdom is here. In the depths of your heart.
Let yourself feel into what you want.
I have learned to see this as Turning My Complaints to Gold.
It is a practice that has literally turned my desperation in to empowerment, my feeling trapped into hope—hope, the guiding light forward.
The doors and windows are open to your kind and loving practice:
Tell the truth of your heart. Listen with compassion. Trust the Universe to lead you through your intuition.
Wisdom and hope are yours.

Piper Lauri Salogga

Brilliant, beguiling color; sweet, soft petals, smooth and tender, velvet to my touch; wondrous shapeliness: flowing, curvy, lean, pointy, luxuriously lanky—elegance in every form; and heavenly scents come in, lusciousness summoning the center… opening, just for you, and me, bright button of splendor. She is the maker of Life and honey.
Revealing Glorious. “Make us feel good!” we silently exclaim.
Gazing upon her. Grazing her skin. Inhaling her deliciousness. She is a calling to the heart and body—follow the call. Enlivened, exalted, usurped, divined—follow the call. Let joy inflame; wanton nature oozing within—overwrought in nature’s hook that makes us all.
And know, you are one, too. Your body, supple and vital, soaking in the sun, and rain. Your eyes the temple of your desire and delight. Your smile wide in its wishing warmth. You are that beauty, that flower, attracting that bee of your heart. Swoon to your call, opening to the center of it all.

BE the maker of Life and honey.

Piper Lauri Salogga