Deep listening: honoring what you truly feel in the moment allows what seems stuck to loosen. 

Expression: safe opportunities for your authentic, outward expression helps your thoughts and feelings come to light and dissolve from the shadows of fear, judgement, or shame. 

Intuition: connecting with your heart of inner-knowing, inner-strength, inner-vision guides you step-by-step to your greatest outcome.

Clear Desired Outcome: supporting the design of your path forward that is real, respectful, hopeful, and actionable brings what you want into form.

Working the Process: holding space for your continued, caring support while your healing is occurring, and your new vision is coming to fruition, creates grace and patience in the process.

Evidence shows that the heart of sustainable healing and empowerment already lives deep within your being.
It’s time to access it.
— Piper Lauri Salogga


For over 20 years I have supported clients to heal and manifest the magic of their desires.  I use a combination of tools that I have found to be the most effective, from both ancient and modern approaches.

A few of my favorites*:  

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Ancient mindfulness and manifestation
Traditional one-on-one coaching


*Feng Shui too: as one of Seattle’s leading feng shui practitioners for over twenty years, I still offer this service upon request.


The Life You Desire™ map below (copyright Living Sensual Institute; research arm) outlines the stages of human manifestation evidenced through many ancient and modern spiritual traditions. They look organized, moving around like a clock ticking in regular time. In truth, we tend to bounce around them like a pinball game, many of us socially trained and supported to stay within the first three stages.  QUESTION: Regarding a current desired outcome of yours (reaching your sales goal, getting regular good night's sleep, eating healthfully, enjoying intimate relationship, saving money for a new car, breathing more deeply, etc), in what stage(s) do you feel you are residing?



A healthy coaching relationship is one of mutual communication and trust, living in the safe space of anonymity, shared confidence, and the shared belief in your possibility to Create the Life You Desire™.

As your guide:  I hold the intention and space for your rich experience of lasting growth and change as you connect with and trust your intuition, your feelings, and the actionable guidance that comes from your inner-wisdom. I consider myself your guide into this wise and resourced part of yourself.  I am committed to your hopes and dreams for The Life You Desire™.  And I know that if I, and many other clients can, live gracefully, joyfully and supported, you can too.

As the client:  I ask that you be open to taking the risk of being honest and vulnerable as you feel and express your current truth and try new ways of thinking and acting. I ask that you make room for the change that wants to happen within you and with others, trusting that you are being supported. And I ask that you be gentle with yourself as you walk the journey of listening to and nurturing your heart that wants to live on purpose. 

We are all human. We have all made many mistakes, hit many roadblocks, struggled, feared, dreamed and hoped.  It is your hope that drives your heart’s purpose and desire. Your hope is the investment of your heart in you. Your hope can become your reality as you make room for receiving what you want in your life.

Healing, growing, connecting, in all their forms, can take time.  And when you have created the space within yourself to receive it, it can also take boundless leaps. I am here to listen, support, and share with you, as my mentors over the last 35 years have with me, for as long or as little as you need. You will know through your greater peace and ease in living and working when your heart’s wisdom is leading the way.