Piper is wildly creative and spiritually sincere.
— Rhenda Meiser, Meiser Communicatons

Keynote, workshop, and presentation topics include:

Partnership :: With LIFE first, Then with Others
OM BENZA PEH :: 3 Powerful Words to Stand By
The Life You Desire™Is Real and Waiting
Success = Listening to Your Heart
Heal Your Past :: Honesty, Compassion, Renewal

SPEAKING on the Beauty of Being Human is sharing the beautiful inspiration of imperfection and how we can engage with it for our delight and betterment.

Speaking from the heart. Through funny and emotional stories. Stories of lessons learned, and still learning. I tell the truth about my human journey—our shared human journey—and all the magic in it. And share a few, cool bite-size tools to take with you along the way.

How we succeed, beautifully, inspired! And how we are challenged. How we try. How we trip and fail. How we are stellar and tenacious. I tell this truth and sometimes laugh at myself, at Life, this unpredictable experience we are all in. There is great freedom, growth, insight and entertainment here, for us all.

All this imperfection that we share, it is the heart of our connection, it is the impetus of our creativity, the motivation behind our innovation. It is what opens us to each other and allows us to forgive and begin again. And it is experienced through the gift of our feeling: compassion, emotion, sensation, and intuition. This perfect imperfection is the heart of our living.

She is dynamic, authentic, funny and very human. Piper naturally engages her audience, connecting them with their HEART, their desire, and their TRUE POSSIBILITY.
— Kim Trimmer; Founder, Realize Your Radiance

My purpose in speaking to more than myself:

I have a vision of families and communities supporting each other from a place of fullness, of safety, of care—no longer unconsciously reacting to the advertised and commoditized messages of lack that perpetuate our fear, illness, and greed.

This vision is of people who are healing from a past that no longer fits this present way of living.

This vision is of families and communities supporting each other and our planet earth from a healthy, loving place.

This vision could become a reality, no matter what the contrary masses might say. 

Look to Iceland, Sweden, and Finland. Societal innovators taking care of each other and prospering from these inclusive, benevolent choices.


Let’s step into this vision together.

We start by taking responsibility for our own healing, for living honestly with grace and gratitude. We open to our own possibilities, the calling of our heart. We turn off the media that is feeding us dishonest messages of lack and illness, of being trapped.  We discover and create our own healthy, vibrant, resilient, kind and abundant truth. One mindful choice at a time.

Each of us choosing to heal and collaborate and innovate for the betterment of ourselves and each other, and our planet.

We are all in this beautiful, natural, powerful, imperfect life together.

Piper has spoken for such organizations as: Seattle Art Museum, Nordstrom, Eastwest Bookshop, Center for Spiritual Living, Rotary Northwest, Safeco Neighborhood Academy, Women’s Business Exchange, Association for Women in Communications, Seattle Graphic Arts Guild, Seattle Freelances, International Association of Business Communicators, Seattle Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Realize Your Radiance, 5Focus Health Center, and many others.