Waking this morning. The feeling of loving energy surrounds me. An indescribable depth of warmth penetrating. Nurturing bath of the unconditional.

Still swimming in dreamtime. The Presence: most natural, lush mothering hugging me. The image: hundreds of women spiraled around each other. Loving hearts full. Overflowing in collective joy. Wise women. Loving hearts pulsing forth. Shared freely with one and other. Lifted by their love.

And I happen to be in the Center of it All. In the Center of this love-spiral. Receiving.

As I continue to wake I have the sense that I should do something. Step into productive action.
Become worthy of this magnetic healing.

Most beautiful hand touches me. Soft, earthy, worn skin. Gently strokes my back.

“Stay right where you are,” she says. “Take Our Love In. This is all you need to do. Let us love on you. Move you. Transform you in love.”

Deep breath. Released so slowly. My eyes still closed. Tears weeping out. Following the feeling.
Long, lingering inhalation. Honor my body opening. Breath whispered out. My back expands.

“Yes. Thank you,” I say to her and the Universe.

I AM Receiving.

Writing now. This healing feeling still with me. Kind tears still trickling down my sweet cheeks. Acknowledgement and gratitude for all that love coming in. I AM Receiving. This energy of unconditional love felt everywhere. Everywhere around me—sweet sensation.

Piper Lauri Salogga