Peering to the outside world from the sacred coffers of the Great Pyramid, Egypt.

Peering to the outside world from the sacred coffers of the Great Pyramid, Egypt.

No one really wants advice.
And I believe we DO want to find our own wisdom. We seek and learn to discover it. To help us find our way to feeling good, to being successful, to feeling loved.

And We All Want to Matter.
To matter, deep down. We all want to know WHAT we are living for. And Why should we stay to work through the challenges that seem to be increasing exponentially these days.
I believe many have felt sadness and loss this year when those we looked up to chose not to stay on this earth (Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain). It pushes against our own emotions and beliefs about hardship. Our own wondering about how to find happiness in this life, and how to get through the very tough, seemingly insurmountable moments. I have felt the shower of my own emotions. Giving attention to letting it come, express, and flow through, then on to what’s next.
I found myself appreciative for the momentum of emotional honesty witnessed on social media— #istruggletoo—conjures for me the image of beautiful butterflies flapping against their cocoons, soon to break free and fly, less cumbersome, less weighted than before.
How do we sit with this plethora of feeling that comes up from the trenches, and let ourselves say:
I just want life to be easier, better!
I want to feel good again.
I want to love and be loved.
I don’t want to feel alone anymore.
I want this craziness to stop!
I need to know I have enough and am safe.
I want others to be safe too.
I want to be heard.

I am tired of hurting.
I am afraid.
I believe this is where freedom begins. Telling the truth of how we feel. Declaring what we need and want… perhaps are deeply fearful we won’t get.
Being heard with compassion is important too—hearing this truth of our inner-selves and being heard by a trusted friend or companion (trust is key).  

NOTE: When we listen with compassion each of us can acknowledge this humanness we share, this flapping against the walls of our own cocoons. AND with compassion, we trust that each of us is finding our strength through the flapping and pushing and struggling... eventually relaxing and releasing to realize the solutions that are uniquely best for us. There is honor of the wisdom we each hold. We are not fixing. We are not helping (because we are not helpless). We are being of support by lovingly trusting each other to find the best way forward.
WE ARE ALL WISE. We have wisdom within us.
Our feelings are trying to tell us something important. They come from your heart. Listen to them. Ask them what they want you to know. What they want for themselves in this life. Their hopes and dreams. Listen to the gold they are sharing.
Your wisdom is here. In the depths of your heart.
Let yourself feel into what you want.
I have learned to see this as Turning My Complaints to Gold.
It is a practice that has literally turned my desperation in to empowerment, my feeling trapped into hope—hope, the guiding light forward.
The doors and windows are open to your kind and loving practice:
Tell the truth of your heart. Listen with compassion. Trust the Universe to lead you through your intuition.
Wisdom and hope are yours.

Piper Lauri Salogga