I AM the Speaker of The Heart.

Nature says to me.

Hearing her, unfolding her, through all her beauty felt.

Echoes in the emptiness to summon my love.

Listen to the message from bright-blue petaled brilliance, well-formed suppleness, sweet flowering bonnets speaking upon their large leafy reaches.

Touch me. I am yours now. Feel me. I have been waiting for your return, she says.

Humble, lingering gratitude rests—the minutes of my impassioned tenderness, finger tips gently pressed to her smooth and woody breath. Lips left parted.

Thank you. I did not know I had been so far from you, until now, I reply.

These most intimate of moments reveal our love: soft sheaths awaiting the imprint of my caring touch; honeyed tartness quenching the craving upon my tongue; summer’s breeze brushing the reveal of my skin; wet tears rolling down, letting it in.

The Letting In. To melt the hardened, love-forgotten, protective shell. To be touched within the Self… slowed felt experience.

The Heart: harmonious, compassionate call, shares delightedly, igniting the exuberant flame, reaching every atom of the beautiful Being it intimately knows as me.

Piper Lauri Salogga