How do we move the energy of upset, anger, frustration, helplessness out of our worrying minds—into something positive and productive?

After the end of the Kavanaugh hearings on Thursday afternoon (2:45 Seattle time) I was filled with anxiety, so much so my body went into total nausea and elimination. Honestly, I stay away from the television and general news as I find it mostly upsetting, so I was wondering why I felt this way. Maybe I had food poisoning? Maybe a sudden onset of flu? And then Michael told me about the hearings. How dismissive they had been. How so many were feeling re-victimized. How the Senate Judiciary Committee was going to vote the very next day even as there was still so much unknown. Then I understood why my body’s reaction. I am a #metoo.

From here I had to find out more. I needed to connect to better understand. As I read and watched the events of the day of course I got more amped up, more anxious, more angry, feeling more trapped. I was spinning in this mess I felt I could do nothing about.

What could I do? What could I do that I had control over? How could I create a difference, at least within myself? Ideally outside of me too.

STOMP NO started writing itself through me. I heard and felt every word as it was making itself to the page.

A fierce, loving call to harness the anger AND the heart together. To feel the fire of change within. An unwillingness to accept being a victim. Harnessing our mind’s focus on what we want—and being very clear about what we will no longer accept. A focus of our heart to move rapturously through our body in vehement claiming of our power as women to BE THE CHANGE. Feel it! And believe it! In every cell of our bodies. And a call to the benevolent men in our lives to STAND WITH US, honorably, in solidarity.

OM BENZA PEH! Calling Spirit down to join us in making things right, right now.
Stomping loving thunder down. Call it out strong: the clear NO, leading to the YES we are creating—together!

(Click here or on the image below to hear Stomp No spoken)


Click the image for audio track of STOMP NO.

Click the image for audio track of STOMP NO.

Now is the Time for the Almighty NO!

It has been time for too long.

TODAY I implore you to stomp your foot down and call it out loud—NO! 

No more abuse from the over-powered, small-hearted men. NO! to this backward, greedy, illegal administration.

Women so powerful, women of every culture, color, economy and religion, and the Divine Men who love and support them, Stomp your Spirit-Driven, honorable foot down. As hard as you can.  NO!

Yell it where ever you are—Make yourself known.

Stomp this NO! to shakes the trees. Move the earth beneath you. A mighty stomp and yell that calls all the gods of loving equality and respectful righteousness to Stop This Mess: 

“Om Benza Peh! Energy of Greatness that creates and loves all beings, COME make this right, right now!”

From the fire of your heart. The strength of your body. The largesse of your soul. STOMP and CALL it down. Now. NO! 

Move this sound and feeling out of your worrying heart. Out of your spinning mind. Speak YOUR Truth. NO!

Be the energy that stops this abuse now. Stomp and Yell and BE your full-hearted, full-bodied, stomping NO!

No more hatred. No more misogyny. No more raping, molesting, sexual harassing. No more blaming. No more belittling, mansplaining, discriminating. No more male weakness stopping their right action. No more excuses to disrespect. No more over-taking because they think they can.

Do not let them. Stomp them out. Vote them out. Use your voice. NOW! NO!

Piper Lauri Salogga