Brilliant, beguiling color; sweet, soft petals, smooth and tender, velvet to my touch; wondrous shapeliness: flowing, curvy, lean, pointy, luxuriously lanky—elegance in every form; and heavenly scents come in, lusciousness summoning the center… opening, just for you, and me, bright button of splendor. She is the maker of Life and honey.
Revealing Glorious. “Make us feel good!” we silently exclaim.
Gazing upon her. Grazing her skin. Inhaling her deliciousness. She is a calling to the heart and body—follow the call. Enlivened, exalted, usurped, divined—follow the call. Let joy inflame; wanton nature oozing within—overwrought in nature’s hook that makes us all.
And know, you are one, too. Your body, supple and vital, soaking in the sun, and rain. Your eyes the temple of your desire and delight. Your smile wide in its wishing warmth. You are that beauty, that flower, attracting that bee of your heart. Swoon to your call, opening to the center of it all.

BE the maker of Life and honey.

Piper Lauri Salogga