Piper is wildly creative and spiritually sincere.
— Rhenda Meiser, Meiser Communicatons

She speaks from the heart. She tells the truth about her human journey—our shared human journey—where we succeed and where we are challenged, maybe even fail miserably. And as she tells the truth, she laughs at herself, her own humanness, her own imperfection.

This is all part of the Beauty of Being Human… the inspiration of imperfection!

And what makes it sing, all this imperfection that we share, well, it’s the heart of course, and our gift of feeling. The part of ourselves that can’t help but want to connect authentically, to open, to have compelling experiences, to dream of good times, now and in the future.

The heart that forgives our imperfection, likely doesn’t give any attention to it at all. The heart that knows how to be in the moment, to appreciate what is, to BE to life and take it all in with a sense of joy and wonder. And it does all of this so gracefully, without effort beyond the simplicity of telling the truth, declaring what it wants, paying attention, and connecting.

If the mind followed the heart, and the body danced to the rhythm in exaltation, where would our families, our communities, our society be then? How would we treat ourselves and each other, if we felt so heard, seen, honored like this? 
— Piper Lauri Salogga

This vision, it is more than Piper’s personal desire for our world. This vision of people who are healing from a past that no longer fits this present way of living, and the current needs of our people, and our planet. This vision could become a reality.  Look to Iceland, Sweden, and Finland, societal innovators, taking care of each other and prospering from these inclusive, benevolent choices. 

Taking responsibility for our own healing, for our own connecting, for honestly living into our own possibilities, the calling of our own heart, one person at a time, we can choose to innovate too, to know that there truly is wellbeing for all of us in this beautifully imperfect life. And we can create it.

This is the heart of the matter: 

Personal healing and empowerment = Positive societal shift.

Speaking topics include:

Partnership: a daily dance in trust

Open to the power of feeling

Intuition: your directive for success

The Life You Desire™is real and waiting

Heal Your Past: honesty, compassion, renewal