The Beauty of Being Human™ was born of my need to see it all as beautiful: the sobbing, snotty tears; the earth-shaking screams I had to release from within my car or I would burst; the awkward embarrassing moments I thought I would never live down; also the sparkly smile in someone’s eye; the lasting sweetness of a genuine, caring hug; feeling fabulous when glancing myself in the mirror; that smell and look and feel of the new car with leather seats, huge moon-roof and rockin’ stereo I had saved up for.

All of it Beautiful. All of it Human.

I was raised an only-child in a late 1960’s middle-class, Midwestern family. We seemed to have all the goods to look successful from the outside, but there was a lot of stuffed-emotion hidden inside the walls of our home. When we moved to Seattle in 1979, my mom began to lose it, trying to keep control of her feelings and all she had lost in the move, she became overly-harsh, forcing attempts of perfection on herself, me and my dad—the farce that all was “just fine.” It wasn’t, and the compound stress of living in a new part of the country, new job, new school, new everything that didn’t settle into a new comfortable way of being, that stress eventually burst into a hundred pieces that led to running away, suicide attempts by me, and eventually my mother, over-eating, over-shopping, over-fantasizing about a boy coming to take me away from it all, and so much more not-so-good, not-so-healthy stuff that became the new not-so-normal. I felt like shit about myself. I felt lonely. I felt unloved. And I so wanted all those things! Love, comfort, confidence and self-esteem.

Forty years later, a tenacious half-lifetime of learning and growing and creating, I am blessed for who I am and the way I feel. I am grateful for the tools I have learned to transcend who I was, to now be my full, confident and healthy self (snotty crying and yelling in the car, laughing at myself and smiling big with an incredible loving heart). It is my pleasure and my daily grace to share these tools: tools that make healing and empowerment kind, magical, swift even.

I love seeing my clients lit up, from the inside out, living the life they want to live, the life that calls to their hearts. I love providing a place where honesty is safe and freeing, and the past is a place that propels us into greater fulfillment now and into the future. I love being a temple of reverence, where the magic of creative life comes through to honor and gift us with wisdom, love, vision and right action to be who we truly are, connected to our heart, body and mind—the full experience of our being.

It is my greatest joy to live and create the Beauty of Being Human.



Certifications, Teachers and Mentors

Twenty-Year Practitioner, Forms Theory; Training from Dragoumier Institute, School of Feng Shui

Certified Master NLP Practitioner; NLP Pacific, Lindagail Campbell and Associates

Certified Angelic Reiki Master; Red Butterfly, April Martin

Amba Gale; Gale Leadership Development; Coaching

Ashera Serfaty; Luminosity Healing Arts; Peruvian Energy Medicine

Christine Wallace; Native Shamanic Practitioner; Healer and Coach

Imam Jamal Rachman; Interfaith Community Sanctuary; Spiritual Teacher

Rev. Judith Laxer; Celtic Shamanic Practitioner; Hypnotherapist

Rev. Kathianne Lewis; Center for Spiritual Living; Science of Mind Minister

Lindagail Campbell; NLP Pacific; Master Storytelling and Presentation

Liu Ming; Da Yun Circle; Chinese Cosmology, Tantric Buddhist Master

Peter Martynowych; Phase Five; Leadership Development, Psychologist, RC practitioner

Rabbi Ted Falcon; Paths To Awakening; Psychologist, Spiritual Teacher

Rigdzin Tingkhye; This Limitless Life; Tibetan Buddhist Tantric Master