Embrace the Beauty of Your Whole Self



Ten years of writing. An immersive adventure in healing, claiming, and honoring my humanness on this beautiful planet.

Now comes
Living From The Heart:
Divine & Profane.

Snapshots in time and feeling. Relatable poetry and prose that endeavors to reveal a life’s journey through honest, heartfelt expression. Working to sort out the secrets, the shame, the dreams, the hope—the human adventure I believe we all share in our unique way.



Beauty of Being Human is a company and a movement that seeks to inspire freedom and grace in all of our humanness:  successes, blunders, uncertainty, and all.

Beauty of Being Human is an attitude, a way of being in life: laughing at our mistakes, our imperfections—those contagious human stories so many of us share—expressing honestly, about how we are feeling, what we are thinking; expressing through words, music, art, dance, cooking, hiking, stomping the dirt, yelling at the top of our lungs when alone in the car and on top of the mountain, or having the perfect pillow fight, raucous high-five, loving hug, cleansing cry, sumptuous kiss.

Beauty of Being Human is transformational coaching: a graceful way to heal the past, dissolve the fears and blocks that have stopped us from living the life we desire—the life that calls to our heart, our body, and our mind.

Beauty of Being Human is the power of speaking and acting from the heart: individuals and groups, focusing on personal and professional desired outcomes, working in partnership with Life and each other; connected to the flow of intuition and all the ways that it gifts us with ease, creativity, and abundance—natural cooperation creating wellbeing for all.

Beauty of Being Human is you, your whole self, in this moment, and the next.


Move into the flow of what you are feeling. The freedom you desire is here.



Piper Lauri Salogga is the founder of Beauty of Being Human™. A benevolent, life-long reply to her own family history of mental illness, suicide and low self-esteem, Piper has created an honest place of inspiration and empowerment where her clients’ fears and wounds resolve naturally, becoming their greatest strength and call to meaningful action. 

A transformational coach, inspirational writer and speaker, Piper has been a professional changemaker for over 20 years. She has supported and guided hundreds of clients to realize their dreams in all areas of their lives: relationships, careers, children, wealth, creativity, health, and more. In tune with her client’s needs, Piper uses a nurturing, creative mix of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnotherapy, reiki, ancient manifestation practices, and traditional one-on-one coaching.


PS: All the photos on the website are from my spiritual travels to Egypt, Ireland, and Peru—my captures of the magic of life experienced in the sacredness of nature. This magic is all around. We are so fortunate to witness it when we look for its evidence.


Out of mud and gold alike, you can create the life you desire when you live from the heart.



Acting in partnership with Life. This traditional Chinese Almanac used for over 2000 years connects us with the unique energies of the day—helping to guide our actions to be most harmonious and beneficial for all. This complex, multi-elemental puzzle unfolds our profound dance of creation with the cycles of nature and the Universe—feeling and working with their rhythms fashions our reverent success. Informed by the Tao, I Ching, and the movement of the planets and stars, “the Way” is a journey of study in Being by respected scholars, nuns, monks, mystics, and me.