Interactive inner-wisdom: engaging with yourself and your thoughts and feelings in a new way to get a new perspective and create a new lasting result.  Our classes embody the tools of our coaching approach in a supportive group dynamic. Joint the fun, the breakthroughs, the camaraderie.

2018 Fall Classes to look forward to:



Listening to your body through intuitive qigong

Through the use of qigong you can be empowered to support the health and well-being you desire. A set of mindful, physical and energetic tools, this ancient, eastern practice allows you to heal obstacles, creating and reinforcing beneficial pathways inside and outside your body. 

Turn Your Complaints to Gold

Our Whine is Our Want. The louder the whine, the greater the want. Learn how to shift your complaints to curiosity. Notice what you want that is underneath the whine. Then honor that want. The magic is in the art of listening to yourself within. Being able to turn this complaining habit on its productive end can change everything!

Forgiveness: Opening the dam to receive

Our mind and body is habituated to receive just as much as we believe we can have. What do we do when we want to change and grow, to receive something different, or more than we have before, but we keep feeling resistance?  We identify the trigger from our past that has us feeling unsafe, resistant, and begin to heal. Forgiving (not excusing) ourselves and others with compassion makes the lasting difference. We’ll show you how.

How do we live honestly and gracefully in the magic of Life?
— Piper Lauri Salogga

So, What Does Your Heart Desire?

Give yourself the opportunity to listen deeply in safe space, journeying to your intuition—letting your heart show you the way, giving voice and vision to what it desires. Then create a vision board to honor what you felt, what you heard, what you were shown from that intuitive place of heart. And write clear, actionable intentions for the Universe to support you in. This is a great way to step into what your heart desires.




Attracting What You Want: The Living Sensual Way™

Allowing desire to grow within us builds the attraction, the magnet, for what we are wanting. (This is where Living Sensual veers from Buddhism and many other religious teachings) How we build this focus, this feeling, within ourselves in a balanced, connected way, staying safe from compulsiveness, is key. How we work in partnership with Life to act toward our desire in right timing is equally important. And how we sustain our want with patience, without giving up, absolutely necessary. “Blessing the many jewels of Life that bless you” has something to do with the answer.

Expressing the uncomfortable

When were you last given the chance to be totally honest about the really uncomfortable, unsociable feelings: rage, disgust, hopelessness, jealousy, shame, fear? What are these feelings to do if you don’t give them a way to vent—a healthy way to vent? Come let yourself express through paint, marker, pen and paper, movement, voice, and sculpture. Let those less attractive feelings out and discover the gift they have hidden for you.


Continuing Education for Therapists and Social Workers

Step into this interactive feeling-first therapy model where your wisdom and compassion lead the way.  (more clarity to come) and inherent wisdom is found in our emotions, our senses, and our intuition, leading your guidance as a therapist and your client’s empowered discovery to their own health and happiness.

Trusting a Higher Power: a Most Intimate Relationship

Trust is the foundation of all creative process, which leads to the creation of all things and circumstances. Our deep trust starts with Life, God, Allah, Tree, Buddha, Goddess, etc. and moves out to our other relationships from here. This most important, most personal relationship holds the key to the peace and power we all long for. Come explore what this Higher Power looks, feels and sounds like for you, so that you can lean into It fully and let this creative energy work its magic in your life.

Note: If you’re wondering how to trust and develop a partnership with something you can’t see, this is a great workshop for you. We honor that coming to know and trust a personal higher power is an intimate process, and hope that you will trust us to guide your experience of exploration.



Feeling-First Approach

The Living Sensual Way™a four-pronged feeling-first method of healing and being in the grace of life.



Each aspect of feeling is as important as the other. This feeling-first approach honors and nurtures all parts of ourselves, kindly guiding us to clarity of focus and purpose, feeling vital and well, and leading our lives from a more trusting, graceful place—less worry and stress, more ease and success.

Thirty years of studying a great many approaches to healing, approaches from all over the world, old and new, I came to realize what was most effective for me, and for my clients.  A model that focuses on feeling first.

Through therapy, coaching, or conscious-centered parenting, we can know and understand how we feel, and what may have caused those feelings, but if we don’t actually feel our feelings, and connect to the experience of our senses, we can remain stuck: in our mind, and in our body, thinking we are trapped and becoming unwell. 

Did you know that it takes 1400 times of thinking a new thought until it becomes the new habit-thought? (WBE speaker from Allen Institute) Most of us don’t have the patience to endure this mental rigor, and certainly don’t know that it is required to transform our thinking.

Did you know that one strong-feeling moment, felt in our body, mind and heart, (often trauma related, and sometimes overwhelmingly joy related) will directly embed itself into our memory system, overriding all other thinking habits of the same vein? (Note: need to find the stats to back this last part up—know they are there, just need to find them)

Indeed, not feeling may seem safer, more in-control, less vulnerable. And we each get to choose between controlled comfort (habits of the past) and living the life we truly want for ourselves (the calling, longing of our heart, felt in our body, communicated through our intuition).

When we stuff our feelings, the truth of our own experience, we can only fall victim to those unexpressed emotions and the frustration and hurt we cause ourselves and others.

When we honor and respect what we experience, what we feel, we can then choose to change that experience; change the feelings we are having, the thoughts connected with them, and change the habits that no longer support our desires for our life—moving from chaos and harm to more enjoyment, care, and fulfillment.

  • Feeling: the life-giving, creative energy that moves through us, through all beings, connecting us with compassionto ourselves, to each other, to our planet and the universe, supporting our greater experience of health, happiness, and peace, honoring all we are and want for our lives.
  • Feeling: creating meaningful connections through emotion: love, trust, joy, fear, anger, sadness, shared with others in a respectful, honest way—all of us beautifully, imperfectly human. 
  • Feeling: gifting us with so many sumptuous, rich, surprising experiences provided by nature, and humans, through our body’s sensation that sees, hears, tastes, touches and smells. 
  • Feeling: giving us access to the continuous possibilities for our graceful, flowing, fulfilling life, each step of the way fed to us through our intuition.

This world of feeling is full of nuance, it is a dance we learn to step in time with ourselves and each other, and our glorious planet and universe. There is so much to be explored and experienced in this beautiful, human way. 

When we allow others to be human, in all the ways we are learning and growing from our mistakes and our successes, we make room for a more peaceful, more enjoyable, more prosperous life, for us all. 

This is my desire, more and more of us stepping into the Beauty of Being Human with each other. Shifting the world from this place.